Charles Bradley

Love Bug Blues
Featuring Menahan Street Band Burning Fire Love bug, aha Done bit me Done bit me Didn’t mean For you to get me (For you to get me) Get up in the morning I’m filled with desire No no, can’t stop the fire Leave me burning, aha Leave me tossing, mhm Leave me turning, aha Leave me yearning I’ve been bitten by a love bug (by a love bug) And I, I need some information Keep me burning, aha, aha Letras de cancionesKeep me tossing, aha, aha aha Keep me turning, aha, aha aha aha Keep me yearning, aha, aha What are you gonna do When love get a hold… a hold on you? There ain’t nothing you can do But burn Burn! Burning, aha Fire Burning, aha Burning Keep me yearning Fire Keep me burning Burning From Letras Mania