Poignant Memories
A slight mist overhung my dark thoughts It gave me the things i have lost Maybe it's too late for me Embers of my dying pain Wallow in this dream state of mind Forgiveness; as the earth begins to tremble I won't follow nor be deterred From these poignant memories Breaking the circle Finding the truth behind my words Breaking the circle Divided from what i've been through My eyes are full of blood and anger And furious courage One real inner power The things that i have never felt Hush of night Imposition Shattered principles Enlightenment Letras de cancionesWith every fateful decision You turned a blind eye On the verge of truth All that i love turns to dust So empty So cold So far from the light in our hearts My enquiry of life In the hush of night Hear the hush of life Enthroned Stop dancing in the horror of your past Crawling through life's path Are your sins in control? At the end of the storm I hear echoes from the night They hum their tune of pain Hold your pride and sorrow Don't let this sadness go From Letras Mania