Freeman's Legacy
They say you only live once. I’ll push the limit till’ its over the edge, its pushing me over the edge. So I live with this urgency every day that some wont experience till they reach their graves. Day to day I’m just a passer by where the next breath I take is a thrill its not a gift so beg for more. So beg for more. Where the next breath is a thrill so beg for more. So beg for more. In the end I’ll have no regrets. I know I’m falling, I know I’m falling. And I’m sure I’ll wake up before I hit the ground. We’ll watch this all fall down. This fire feels like home, my skins the hardest you’ve ever seen before. My eyes wont budge and my senses just beg for more. This fire feels like home. My senses beg for more. From Letras Mania