Wiz Khalifa

Smokin Drink
That’s all the fuck i do man Work my motherfuckin ass off Smokin', drinkin'... (x28) I've been smokin', I've been drinkin' I don't know what I was thinkin' I've been high all weekend Drunk as fuck but still tweakin' So high I can't hear nobody I can't even feel my body Goin' need a paramedic prolly She off that cookie and the molly This remind me of that mafia Gettin' bread, now I'm popular If you hatin' keep it on the d-low Gotta shout out to my youngin' p low In the club, man we smoking pre rolls Want me in your club? Need a couple zeroes Bandz a make us hold up plans Roll up all them grams And my new car and the new cars See my new chains, say I went too far See the watch face, say that’s too hard When I put gold in my 2-4 I did it just to match my pinkie Letras de cancionesAnd probly just so these fuck niggas could see me While I’m Smokin', drinkin'... (x28) I’ve been smoking, I’ve been drinking I don’t know what I was thinking I been high all weekend Drunk as fuck but still tweaking Damn bro, I’m fucking fried Say you high as me? You a fucking liar We so strong it make you cough Teeth grinding, rolling heavy, tryna shake, you got it Suck the shit, it’s hella corny Molly got me hella horny Fuck it, let these bands play Bet these bitch so what these bad say Then there go your baby momma Looking like she want a problem Fuck it, I’mma give her some You never let her out, so I’mma make er come All over this damn place Poppin poppin like champagne Poppin poppin like dry bige You can’t connect to my Wi Fi I’m sky high, look at me Now fuck these niggas Let me get back to Smokin', drinkin'... (x56) That’s the one That fever right there From Letras Mania