Let Em Be Mad
[Refrain] Baby they mad cause we play how they wanna play And they mad cause I say what they wanna say Baby they mad cause we do what they wanna do If I was them I would be mad too So let them be mad, whoa They can be mad as they want to Girl let them be mad Go ahead let them be mad So we gonna keep moving how we move So let them be mad Blog sites, media talking I wonder why they telling me to be cautious Filling the blanks while the drama is pouring I don't pay attention, I don't really read it too often Got niggas hating on me for years I holds it down Talking bout the women I'm fucking and the money I spend Why they tripping? already knowing that I'm destined to win Use it to motivate the grind and they at it again Damn, they mad at me, sneak...and throwing a little jab at me See me and be mad happy Half filled wine glasses as the time passes Cooler breeze, eye cashing with the fine accent Still on my shit though, remember when I was piss posed So now I'm surrounded by powerful niggas that get dough Letras de cancionesHuh, I prolly got your girlfriend wanting to get low Infatuated by all the haters, I need to get more [Refrain] We get the jealousy and envy Cause she can never be you And he can never be me And she mad at him cause he can never be me And she mad at you because you better than she They hit the blogsites to see the highlights How lighter they life, talking bout our life We doing things haters can only dream This kinda be messing with they up esteem you know Do me a favor, keep your nose up out my situation Besides your angering mind, your time is what you wasting Been through bs in life, can show a demonstration But built my shit from the ground up, renovation The past lurking, I see they hurting I stall them out You where you at for a reason, nothing to talk about The roads to success been a lot of ups and downs Doing you up, they merry goes, they come around [Refrain] From Letras Mania