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These People Refuse To Believe That The Lake Is Bottomless
Soon... If I may point out Soon... A soundless tremor will shake this town If I may try sugggesting to you Please take this vessel the barracks hold few And I remember those days When the surface lied still Beneath the trembling waves... Adore their praise as these rumors appear These years grow tired wishing you settled in tears The tide pulls you down... Bottomless - you're never found Some still say That a heart of gold will make us whole Sensible and confidence Pass on the gifts of my reverence Such a plain thing to say... What good could we offer? What more could we possibly give? It's all the same to me... Yeah, o-oh... Letras de canciones Drum fire motionless Get used to the shallow end... You burned your nest You started your war A lesson you never forget Are you testing me? Are you testing me? Are you testing me? Me? Me? Are you the beast that breathes? Cause you're testing me, 'cause you're testing me... Speak no thoughts when I leave are you testing me? Confessing to me? The passive dies with me! The passive dies with me! The passive dies with... From Letras Mania