We are family
We Are Family(Nile Rodgers ? Bernhard Edwards)Lead: Trine, Louise, Julie, Sofie Backing: alle 4CHORUS:We are familyI got all my sisters with meWe are familyGet up everybody and singEveryone can see we're togetherAs we walk on byAnd we fly just like birds of a featherI won't tell no lieAll of the people around us they sayCan they be that closeJust let me state for the recordWe're giving love in a family doseCHORUS x2Living life is fun and we'ev just begunTo get our share of the world's delightsHigh hopes we have for the futureLetras de cancionesAnd our goal's in sightNo we don't get depressedHere's what we call our golden ruleHave faith in you and the things you doYou won't go wrongThis is our family Jewel From Letras Mania