Live Nigga Rap (feat Mobb Deep)
[gun blast] [P] I shot the motherfucker back [H] Right out the ass son [P] For niggaz don't know how to act [H] What the deal son [P] I shot the motherfucker back [H] No doubt son [P] For niggaz don't know how to act [Prodigy] Yo NYC, U-N-I-verse, se-riously Havoc and P, Queens niggaz so it seem to be Monopolize, strategies of war, exercise, mega Got word back from Noreaga The D.A. got video cassette taper The God with the God-U-Now, pullin a caper Runnin up in the spot, mask and duct taped up Pig tied they motherfuckin wrists to they ankles I been through, crime shit my niggaz in-to Peep the issue situation like this, we stickin him too JFK on our way to L.A. Got links with big cats down to Santa Barbre (Barbara) My crew do it the Mobb way, everyday Crime pay, who wanted gunplay? Drill me Niggaz kill me, thrillin me, you wanna look? Peep the nine milli, now undress, you know the drill-y Letras de cancionesNiggaz suspect, weak links pose threats, I have yet to met challenger who go against my set Gem stars razor sharp like Gilette, shavin closely on any character approach me I let the streets get the best of me, infamy, my destiny While cat burg-lars tryin to sneak peep the recipe Inside my rap cookbook, paragraphs is gourmet You pay about $5,000 a plate [Havoc] No doubt kid, I hit them niggaz like a bid The prosecutor, runnin up in your crib Do your dirt, I do my dirt all by my lonely It's only me, and the gat that's holdin me We got it locked beyond measure, the click's under pressure Extort you for your treasure smack you with the undresser Represent your click, go ahead, get that ass whipped (Floatin in the river with your body wrapped in plastic) Wannabe thug, get smacked for back talkin QB represent fuck that, it can happen While you rappin, I'm busy tryin to sneak the gat in Could tear men, cut the party while you jammin We think smarter, reach harder, got the 44 Bodyguard of somethin you don't want a part of If I was you, then I would do what I have to But you ain't me, you hesitated so I clapped you Then stepped off casually, naturally me [Nas] Niggaz thinkin shit sweet, I carry big heat Wavy hair chipped teeth, up in this bitch deep Queens murder clicks meet, yellow tapes on black gates Mediterranean, projects is like Kuwait I escape into zones, that's irregular Why debate on a phone, I'm solar cellular Escobar 600, you just a crumb inside a world where the rich run it, curriculum of a mathologist Deep throats, they try to swallow this Anthropologists, dynasties of great knowledgists I preserve in my dome, niggaz mics is full of silicone Spot's blown, guerilla ice on this killer's life I put my word on it Now you can sleep on or rock a swerve on it Nas is menage a trois' on Mount Aire lodges We like a smooth fam', but rougher than how DeBarge is Catchin charges, of marksmen, livin heartless Grab a cartridge, cock my shit on some Mobb shit We mobbin, puttin niggaz in mausoleums From Queens cross the Throsnic, heads bop, I see 'em from queens cross to throgsneck heads nod [Chorus: Prodigy (3X)] For niggaz don't know how to act To all my niggaz on the block slangin crack Rest in peace to my niggaz layin on they back To all the niggaz who bust gats (live nigga rap) [H] If youse a live nigga From Letras Mania