Write This Down

Touch And Go
Forgive me for my last impression Cause I lost my mind and I lack discretion Cause the things I thought that I could change Have now been fractured like the artificial sleep you need to keep me off your mind Toss and turning in your sleepless wasteland I broke the bank and took a long shot I'm just a runaway, a distant clear cut heart I made my move, you played the safe bet I'm just a runaway, I'm never looking back Back off, this is my profession The way back home is a good intention It's touch and go from here I've been more charming than sincere And I'm not completely clear and I can't pretend to know the end In a parable way, I'll try to reach out and say You were nothing more than killing the time In a physical way, I'll never be there to say That I'm sorry for my terrible days From Letras Mania