Corrosion Of Conformity

Well I'm feelin' left behind, Lord what a waste of timeThey're coming to get you, run onHow can I respect your crimeWhen all you criminals whineThey bought and sold you, run on, run onYou can call me crazyYou can call me wrongCause I was born a liarAlbatross fly on, fly onMy home is kind, man it pays to be blindI promise to forget you run onNo swallowed pride, no conspiracy linedBroken promise of the virtue, run on, Lord run onYou can call me lazyBut I know where I belongCause I was born a liarAlbatross, fly on, fly on With your trust in love from your God above...I believe the Albatross is meYou can call me lazyYou can call me wrongLetras de cancionesCause I was born a liarAlbatross, fly on, fly on I should have seen the signsNow the memories far behindIt was no big loss,Fly on, Albatross yeah From Letras Mania