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On the Sunny Side of the Street
Walked with no one and talked with no oneAnd I had nothing but shadowsThen one morning you passedAnd I brightened at lastNow I greet the day and complete the dayWith the sun in my heartAll my worry blew awayWhen you taught me how to sayGrab your coat and get your hatLeave your worry on the doorstepJust direct your feetTo the sunny side of the streetCan't you hear a pitter-pat?And that happy tune is your stepLife can be so sweetOn the sunny side of the streetI used to walk in the shadeWith those blues on paradeBut I'm not afraidThis Rover crossed overLetras de cancionesIf I never have a centI'd be rich as RockefellerGold dust at my feetOn the sunny side of the streetGrab your street
"On the Sunny Side of the Street" as written by Jimmy/fields Mc Hugh
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