Alyssa Marie

life's a bitch, feed into it and you might get full quickbut you getting half the nourishment and twice the bull shitbut you'll sit, listen and acceptevery indiscretion with a lesson missing any depthbut the shallow minded see a meal and eat it, they fail to see itso i lift the vail and reveal the secrets concealin weaknesssteal the preachers sermon, rewrite the words and then return itadd the fuel to a dying fire and burnevery lie inside of the furnace and furnish the mind of thosewho finally rose out the ashes, and actually try to growinstead of settling, showin that as hard as it seemsyou can water your seeds til your garden is greeninstead of envying the grass on the other sidemasking the fact that you managing to laugh when you wanna crythats the funny part of life aint it?they say they hate the way they living everyday but never try to change itthey just paint a pretty picture for the masseslack the ambition putting vision into practicesick of this division and subtractiontry to take away from what i added but i'm tripling the rationsthat i'm giving to the listeners who asking for the truthwhat good's intention if you never actually do"cuz passion isnt shit without the braverylabel me a sinner til the day i see the grave then i'm saint to thesemistakenly intelligent well intentioned and pivotalprevalent individuals i, see what's invisibleLetras de cancionesand listen to the silence, do the impossiblechallenge everything logical, they can take any obstaclethey're given as a way to build the strength to conquer anythingit's hard to bring the consciousness to those who taught to never thinkbeyond a box they settled in, the people need somerelief, but the freedom's misleading, cuz they're free dumbbut true knowledge has a pricei'm offering the key to open the lock, and problems to the lightbut it's blinding, their eyes adjusted to the dark their used toit's true you caught up in the who is who and start to lose youso whose move is gonna be the one to end it?i wonder when they're gonna bend enough break; save the "unpretentious"hate, take the brunt of what i say and make assumptions, but i'm done pretending(show is over) end the reel(real).. no pun intended. From Letras Mania