Wiz Khalifa

Lifestyles of the rich and famous Well I'm rich and famous But if you got money, they know what you're name is If you don't, you're nameless Chevy Woods 84, that's 3 in the pot These niggas jealous, I'm something they're not It's all good, shit, I expected that Shit happens ?? since we lifted off where we left at What we deserved Dope you nigga got some nerve That's drug talk, '88 volvo Gold ??, rest in peace, macho Shit, where I'm from, even kids know the call With some ice, just to cool it off I was working up on that corner like I had a job Up in the corner serving, I ain't have a prob I'm still feel like I'm sleeping With all of this happening, am I dreaming? But, shit, I'm high and I'm wide awake And I what I want I can afford, ain't that at stake Wiz Khalifa Talking raw papers and long leathers Making my drawers feel like ?? textures Bring more stretchers Letras de cancionesAmazed ?? With my team, we at the car dealer Smoking big green, I'm talking Godzilla You're talking money, then you sound familiar The suite wasn't big enough so me, I bought the villa ?? I got the I'll one The tree wasn't enough, good thing I brought some killa Bitch I'm a king, and all my team is loyal niggas My wife's a queen with diamond rings and fortune chillins And I was raised with niggas ?? intentions Lot of young niggas getting made, but I'm the realest Give a fuck about if a nigga hatin' My dollar accumulation my only motivation From Letras Mania