Neil Diamond

In My Lifetime
Hey boy, you got the address On the street of unknowns Big man smokin' on a cigar, Dealin' on the telephone Hey boy, look out for flim-flam If you wanna go real far Been there, and I believe You got to be what you are In my lifetime, In my lifetime Hey boy, you look like a million Hey now, show 'em what you got Hey boy, what you got to run from? I'll teach you all that I forgot In my lifetime, In my lifetime Hey boy, when you write a rock tune, You give up a piece of your soul Stay boy, underneath a rockin' moon Try before you get too old Hooray, got yourself a road gig Any gig's gonna be fine Okay, you gave up your real life, And I know why In my lifetime, I have been there Letras de cancionesI have dreamed it In my lifetime, L - I - F - E In my T - I - M - E In my lifetime (Holly Holy Love)(Shilo when I was young) In my lifetime, In my lifetime........ From Letras Mania