[I - This Is The Regret] So the silent jester comes into view And we all just watch him Spinning round the room Laughing him down time and again He knows no other way to be His only regret is the way he still smiles When deep within his cold shell is nothing but pain When it's dark the mask comes off He tries to hide from all he's lost How he longs to be like them He yearns to be just like them [II - The Price You Pay] Imagine Forty stories high And on the edge A God for a moment Torn and frayed Caught between Reality and illusion You know the face of the truth Just as I do Letras de cancionesIt must be hard to see reason when you're blind You've taken me for granted far too many times And threatened everything more than I should take This can't last, it's already overrun The candle's burned The light's gone out And all that's left An empty gaze to take its place It's written on your face Choking in your disgrace 'I should be the one' 'No' I can't believe the taste The bitterness you left me then Meekness Your weakness A battle you refuse to fight Faith in such bleakness Can only shatter your innocence Is that all that remains When the seas boil? Once the rains have ceased to fall A saltladen atmosphere will choke you [III - An Unfinished Path] Well who will be left When all the lies have made you A silhouette of what you were? You can't run forever In my dreams A jester's lesson from a clown A path that I've been running down Ending here or so it seems Destiny awakened in The deep recesses of the soul Climbing out this dusty hole The lesson firmly taken in Me, the sinner and the saint A better man for what it's worth Looking upward from the earth I feel the rain come down again A blessing of a different kind A pair of hands can craft a land An open heart maketh the man And from it comes an open mind [IV - No More Looking Back] Here's to hope We find our home We can't afford to look back now So I'm sorry for everything I did wrong I know better now I hope you find what you're looking for And I wish you well From Letras Mania