Subterfuge II - A Hint Of Amethyst
With her arrival Solitude escapes my veins Leaving me and insanity isolate Now I must reap what I have sown And she must pay what she owes Behind a mask of brazen contempt I watch she thinks to impress me With this self-centred facade? I will smash her mirror of mists Although her dance of illusion Seduction Could sway me if weak I were I will remain here on her throne And wearing her crown I will stare her down Calculated and cold precision Though none as cold As I, this scalpel through flesh Through an eyeless, impassive gaze, pray witness - I am your god! Now you yield to me Letras de cancionesWhether with the meek or the dead Is a choice I leave to you The single choice is this - Kneel of your accord or you will be knelt! However many times you hear Of someone torn limb from limb You can muster cold serenity And however the words roll over you The sight will still rape your mind Those visions will forever greet her when eyes close She comes back to consciousness after a while And with a stammer of trepidation Requests the crucial enquiry - indeed, her last request (Why?) From Letras Mania