Gainsborough Rock City
Three men and a Baby Ghostface It all harks back to yesterday I hope we didn't let you down We just had to get out of that fucking town Three men and a little lady Is not quite as daunting as we thought it would be If you're Ted Danson then I'm Steve Guttenburg Because Matt's Tom Seleck with the moustache to make it work I hope you're OK tonight We told you we knew that you'd be alright I'm sure I owe you a pint We've got to get fucked up when money's not so tight I hope you're OK tonight It's Friday night, let's go to Corporation We'll meet JP, Uncle Limmer and Cheetham Just bring yourself and that knackered suit jacket And we'll drink vodka till our stomachs can't hack it Twenty beers and a bottle of jager and twenty benny silvers and a packet of papers We failed those days like pissed up ninjas All those nights that we'll never remember Let's drive to down to Gainsborough We'll see Mancsy-Spider A twenty-four pack of stubbies Sunshine and a shit-ton of footie From Letras Mania