Derek, What Are You Trying To Prove?
They say "It's a small world" But the small minds in this city Can't see outside The Moor We laughed it all off But these results really shine halo On New Labour of '94 Let's get out of this town I won't let these bigots drag us all down What used to be a joke to the few that were good Has been announced to the whole wide world The inbred and the ignorant have risen to the top And brought shame on this shitty county We used to laugh and say "You won't believe all these things that I heard while I was at work" We're no longer laughing It's no longer funny This shit just got a whole lot worse Let's get out of this town I'm too fucking Polish to be sticking around They're finding their way through While the best of a bad bunch are slowly rotting We can't really stay here There's people buying into Andrew Brons and Mark Collett Letras de cancionesLet's get out of this town This British pride does not make us proud Parliament's long run out Of anyone worth caring about (We can't change this) But don't get drawn into Pointing fingers at anyone but them (They fucked it up) All this dissolution Doesn't call for their fucked up solutions (They can't change this) Why won't we heed All these warnings from history (We're so fucked up) From Letras Mania