I Underjorden (Englisch)
Through the brush by the foot of the Skull Mountain The portal to dwelling depths Stone cracked by Elivagar Ways found in the bones of Ymer A cold breeze, an aroma of death Slowly rises from below Chills from memories In the Underworld... Once more I descend Down, down, towards winding depths Brooding shadows, the embrace of insanity Down, down, in timeless space The spirits of the mountain, the power of perdition Will o' the Wisps flash in the crannies of the mind Feeble cries from the depths of tunnels Follow the weak glow of runes In the Underworld... Carved in walls cold and grey Enter a mountain vault Murmuring waters resound Shimmering walls of faded colour Images carved by many a hand Quench my thirst Wash my body Rest in the arms of the chamber Careful, watchful, the tooth of the thorn Listen to the song of the mountain The restful haze of the water Mellow notes from the deep The wisdom from the song of Ymer The pale images of the walls Clearly blend together Shimmer turns into bright light Like the golden rays of Sunna The speak of the depths And those who bide there Speak of the nine ways And runes for power In the Underworld... Glittering eyes in the deep... From Letras Mania