Shining Star
Verse 1 In the madness, in this world with its swiftness and its coldness, You're my peace of mind When the world just keeps turning and I know not where to head to, You're my peace of mind And when I look up to the skies and see all that you have created, Nothing else does count but your everlasting love. Chorus Oh Shining star, when you smile down at me Oh what you are, when u look down at me Beautiful star, do keep your eyes on me Oh what you are, when you look down at me Verse2 Despite my greed, you wanted just me, though I am hard, strict, still you love me, I appreciate you eh...ee And though you seem so far away, you are so near I can feel you, Your light, dwells within my mind And I know you are sometimes lonely and oh how I wish that I can change but all I know is, you got me And I pray my love would give you life to help you breath, To keep your smile, my shining star, so take my love and live Chorus Bridge With you, I feel love Letras de cancionesWhen you place your light on me, I feel warmth. Chorus (Thanks to maurise for these lyrics) From Letras Mania