Neil Young

Sedan Delivery
Last night I was cool at the pool hall Held the table for eleven games Nothing was easier than the first seven I beat a woman with varicose veins. She stopped to see herself in the mirror Fix her hair and hide heir veins And she lost the game. Next day I went to the dentist He pulled some teeth and I lost some blood We'd like to thank you for the cards you sent us My wives and I were all choked up. I recall how Caesar and Cleo Made love in the Milky Way They needed boats and armies to get there I know there's a better way. I saw the movie and I read the book Letras de cancionesBut when it happened to me I sure was glad I had what it took To get away. Gotta get away, gotta get away Gotta get away, gotta get away I'm making another delivery Of chemicals and sacred roots I'll hold what you have to give me But I'll use what I have to use. The lasers are in the lab The old man is dressed in white clothes Everybody says he's mad No one knows the things that he knows. No one knows, no one knows No one knows, no one knows I'm sleepin' in every hallway I just can't accept the stares I'm using too many covers I'm warm now so I don't care. I'm thinkin' of no one in my mind Sedan delivery is a job I know I'll keep It sure was hard to find. Hard to find. hard to find Hard to find. hard to find From Letras Mania