A Canorous Quintet

Land Of The Lost
Riding the windsAcross tne raging seasTo reach the kings in the land of the lostA turbulent sea winds of coldReaching the harbour, they are safeEntering the gates, castle of splendorHistory of 3,000 years has passedWalls endless as he no longer sees the skyMighty forces takes his handAs the wolf becomes a part of his destinyJoin us in our search for the land of the lost Join us in our search for the land of the lost [*] Once again crossing the raging seasTo enter the forest of miseryTrees are closing in as the moonhawkCross the skiesThe trail is filled with withering bonesSince battles of oldAs they are to spill the blood of the poorNo longer unknown, followed by darkness henchmen[*repeat x2]Endless speech, time is running out of handDark forces stands in their wayTrying to bring disorder to his thoughtsSwords of lightning end their willOnce again victory has been wonThe meeting is doneMother earth breaks evil bondsAs his mind is freedWhen he leaves the eldersWith their support From Letras Mania