Wiz Khalifa

Too Late
ShitIt's Wiz Khalifa manThis shit hot, right?Now don't blink cause the flow is closer, don't thinkTrue diplomat, no Jim Jones and no PinkAnd the city wanna know what, except that I claimBlackout be the gang, it's attached to my veinsAnd I don't got a problem giving naps to Elaine Order every syllable, every rap to my name, yeThe grim reaper came back with a caneThat's me, spittin' crack to your brainNiggers, they can't stand me, ladies, they demand meDamn your man's handyAnd I'm the mayor when I blam with them hands Have you seeing stars like you walk with them GrammysYour reign was short, I'm running it nowKnock your teeth out for biting, now you be gunning my styleI keep it, honey I'm selling them, I'm the blackoutPut my sneakers to your face, you'll be running your mouthIt's too late niggaIt's too late niggaMan, it's too lateY'all niggas ain't early enoughLetras de cancionesIt's my time niggaAnd some say I'm contradictoryCause I flow nice and spit I mean, trying to get greenPlay it how I split teamsYou'll be sixteen, storming nigga sixteenSix two, feeling glock with a sick leanBig dreams, only two words, get greenWhich means never had no jobI spit, to keep it simple, the truth like no liesNo god, I know whyI make it clear, there's no reason for your lifeAnd I make it ahead, see me speeding and blow byYou dudes fake, I see through you with closed eyesAnd won't stop, till they can get richAnd make pay from the rap I spitIt ain't hard to tell, like a snitch, that I'm next on deckAnd care less about who making the payListen, it's too lateIt's too late niggaIt's too late manIt's too lateY'all dudes fake, pray for meIt's my time niggaYou catch rabies if you bite this hairSafe to say I don't like to share, yeYou see I'm what the ladies want, so they like to stareI'm a beast, I eat tracks and bite the snareSee I got blind eyes and they like the glareDudes hate cause I rock shit they like to wearAnd I'll battle anybody who can fight the fanSpit, crack, put the pipe in their earsAnd my boys have the nigga broke down in a secondShots split a clown into sectionsRound your protection, I'm back at it like a crack addictThe fact I spit crack dog, I'm ass-backwardsI lay it down, bring a clown to his kneesSee, we be a truce in D, yeAnd niggas faking like they kicking cause they moving them keysBut if I shoot you I be doing a deed niggaIt's too lateIt's too late niggaIt's too late manIt's too lateY'all niggas ain't early enough It's my turn nigga From Letras Mania