Amy Grant

Emmanuel, God With Us
(Amy Grant, Chris Eaton, Robert Marshall) We dim the light We stoke the fire We breathe the ever-green Young ones wait While the old ones make up Tales of how it used to be China dolls, candy corn Painted wooden toys Treasures found to the wondrous sound Of carolling the Savior Born to us on Christmas morn [Chorus:] Emmanuel, God with us Emmanuel Emmanuel, God with us The son of Israel And still he calls through the night Beyond the days of old A voice of peace to the weary ones Who struggle with the human soul Letras de cancionesAll of us travelers Through a gvien time Who can know what tomorrow holds But over the horizon Surely you and I will find [Chorus] And the years they come And the years they go Through we may forget somehow That the child once born in Bethlehem Is still among us now [Chorus] From Letras Mania