Steve Martin

Jubilation Day
I'm walking awayLike Dear Abby told meI'm walking awayMy shrink gave his okayI'm walking awayThe self-help book implored meI'm walking awayJubilation dayI'm walking awayMy best friends all had warned meI'm walking awayEven your mom said you were nutsIn my dreamsYou wear a red cape and a pitchforkI'm walking awayJubilation dayI'm walking awayLet me get my thingsI'm walking awayWhere'd you hide my banjo strings?I'm walking awayI'll be over you by lunchtimeI'm walking awayJubilation dayLetras de cancionesI'm walking awayLet's always remember the good timesI'm walking awayLike when you were out of townI'm walking awayBut the sex was greatI'm walking awayAt least that's what my best friend's brother saidI'm walking awayYou know, you're right, we should always stay in touchI'm walking awayThis is your new email address, right? cheatinpsychodishthrowinho.nutBye From Letras Mania