Crucial Dudes

Dreamed last night That you were sitting in my car Your head was laying on my chest You looked up and then you said I think I love you, kid Me, I didn't know what to say So I sat and said nothing at all Nothing at all Please stay with me tonight And I held you close The light came from the water Reflecting in your eye 'til you did shine And you were mine But then I wake up and I can't forget your face I stay frozen for a second And my head begins to race Cause everyday gets harder But I'm through feeling like shit Come on baby, hold on tight I'm gonna love you until the morning light Outside the front door But it's never been this cold Look to the sky, curse everything Letras de cancionesAnd maybe if those kids didn't find out what I did They won't know anything I felt her hair and kissed her face For fleeting moments I felt grace And in an instant, it had passed Whole conversations without words Everyone else thought it absurd We'd sit and say nothing at all I was happy with you and that's all From Letras Mania