Abysmal Dawn

Manufactured Humanity
They come to steal my soul For this shell in their control I look into darkness that stress back at me Trapped in this cell I long to be free My mind tortured day and night as I choke back a cry Condemned to observation with this cloned form of life Baring my resemblance I want him to die [Chorus:] Artificially grown Manufactured humanity We're genetically cloned It's eyes now seem to look with a gaze made of stone A morbid fascination to reap what they have sown I murder this reflection this reflection so that I stand alone The secrets of the soul Unlocked as my sanity unfolds Watch as this false form of life seems to fade The essence of which I've learned to hate In secrecy carried out experimentation Horrific dream from which I cannot awaken Heartless being soulless incarnation Insanity - mentally deconstructed [Chorus] From Letras Mania