Impaler Prince
Vlad then began his killing realm 6 years long of hate and revenge During which he committed tortures and cruelties warfares and bloodbath And revenge and hence established his controversed reputation hate and revenge I'm the prince of the darkness I'm the devil Vlad Tepes Beware insane desires his name becomes famous and infamous in the blood Bodies impaled as an art master in the tortures The torture must be slow and painful He scared his enemy by the sign of 20000 impaled Turkish prisoners outside the city of Tirgoviste This gruesome sight is remembered as "The forest of the impaled" Maniac and psycho, ruthless and paranoid he often order people to be Skinned-boiled-blinded strangled-handed-decapitated Crazy and schizo, pitiless and perverted he often order people to be Burned-roasted-hacked-nailed-stabbed-buried alive Kaziglu bey the impaler prince he also like to cut noses ears genitals and limbs Arms feet fingers and eyes the impaler prince The torture must be slow and painful I want your blood I want your life Beware-insane desires From Letras Mania