Chase & Status

I make hitz, not the public I tell the DJs what to play! Understand? I make hitz, not the public I tell the DJs what to play! Understand? Baa baa black sheep, rock star, rap G Make enough dough to own a black card, that's deep I've been getting real fucking friendly with the banks man And I don't mean Phil, Carlton, Hilary or Ashley. Papz see me up in the vicinity and flash me I'm the definition of definitive and catchy The only thing that's bigger, quicker, slicker More black and more uppper London is a taxi Bitch I'm so sick, I need a mother fucking vaccine Picky ring style like some mother fucking vaseline Centre of attention like a Bang & Olufsen HD in vision for a flat screen The only ever time I see you niggers on kisses is like 2am or when you go to pucker up Look 60 M4 babe you need to buckle up All my women so zoo, all my women so nuts So raw and uncut no fucking edits She won't even get a hype, she made no fucking effort And all you silly singers and you ring tone rappers Letras de cancionesLike school dinner curries Don't fucking get it My car is a unleaded Got a yard with a terrace She called me chauvinistic But she can't even spell it I don't wanna hear another nigga say you fly If you ain't never been on business class on the Emirates I'm a racket, I'm tennis I'm Dennis, I'm a menace Call me Rob Pattinson, I got a lot of niggas jealous I'm a mentos mint in a can of Dr Pepper That's tick, tick, tick, tick, boom to you fellas It's so important that your mighty Nigella A'int lipsin' if her name a'int Remi or stella Got a big bag of tricks and Mary Poppin's umbrella Cause we're 'bout to rain on them like London weather From Letras Mania