Soldiers Of Heaven
We saw the fear in the enemy's eyes, We feel the confusion in other minds [Bridge 1] Still we don't turn away, fighting for death and glory In the lands of the kingdom of the raven, Still we don't turn away, now we will tell a story We are the soldiers of heaven We are the men, we are dying for gold They are the unholy, the sacrifice their soul [Bridge 2] A long day will come, the day you set me free, A long day will come, in a land across the sea, [Pre-Refrain] This is the time for immortality, This is the place for eternity, Oh voices [Refrain] Brave and faithfull in war and in peace, Guardians for all this times, With armour and sword and never on our knees, Keepers of the the sacred lines. Letras de canciones All your life you where serving willingly, Fighting the darkness for eternity, [Bridge 1] ...heaven [Middlepart] Dr ruhm wird cho, u d ehr blibt nid schto, mir wandere i nes land, fasch ringsume Strand. The glory will come,(we) will never be gone Travelling in your land, for keeping your hands. Travelling through your land to keep our hands From Letras Mania