Other Desert Cities

These things happen
Hello? Mr. Stevenson?I'm sorry to disturb you at such an hourI'm afraid your wife is goneShe didn't make the ride down to the hospitalIt was her head, it went right through the glassat least I think she did not feel a thingBut this can't be, cause I just spoke with herShe said she'd be home within the hourso you see, you're mistaken sirI'll try and reach her on her phoneNow listen carefully and please take a seatI can only bare this one more timeIt's her for sure, we checked inside her purseyou're at 285 Waters Ave.And her birth of day is the 21st of January 1973Oh my God, she's dead, but I just spoke to herI just spoke to her and this can't be her endcause I just spoke to herI just spoke to her From Letras Mania