Kerry Ellis

Dangerland There is a land I know Far from our gravity Where healing waters flow And love is always free Come with me Come with me To love's dangerland Here every creature knows Respect and dignity And every wind that blows Speaks of a new deity Come to my world of dreams Nothing is what it seems I'll take you For all eternity A life in harmony we're living And you love me And you love me The lamb lays down beside The lion while he's sleeping He wakes the sun rising The stars themselves are bleeding Letras de cancionesTake my hand Dare to stand In love's dangerland Oooh oooh Yeah! Blue eagles rule the sky No evil in disguise will take you This land is filled with plenty No cup is ever empty It's heaven And you love me My fantasy Green dinossaurs go striding Through fields os humans hiding The world of empathy Decreasing entropy Come with me Come with me To love's dangerland To love's dangerland Danger danger dangerland Danger danger dangerland (Grazie a Paola per questo testo) From Letras Mania