who the hell have i been kidding?i sold my soul to the corporationthey know me better then i know myselfi better shut it up, i better shut it upyou got a problem with the way i thinki got a problem with the way you thinkthat you can program me, like a damn machinei'm going to take a standand say fuck this scenei'm sick of imageryinstead of artistryi'm sick of apathyinstead of harmonyi'm sick of poets working part time jobswhile pissy people picking shoes and starsi know that i should bethe last one to speakabout thisbut even sell- outs have their dreamsset the music da da da, da da da ba da da da. ooooh,what the hell was i trying to provei ran away so young,and now on the moveLetras de cancioneslike a vandali wear my maskand all you punks back homeyou can kiss my asscause i got a feelin' deep down inside my soulthat's taken three whole years to gain control.and i ain't no never, no never, no never, no never, no never, no never, no never coming home. ba da da da, da da da, da da, da, da da da da, ba da da da daooooooh. From Letras Mania