The Confession - Part II
Walls enclose my body Take away my breath Prison bars are chocking me Rusty, cold and dense Nobody to hear me Yet I am not alone Faces of dead children Haunt me all night long Time will never turn A red glowing horizon Brings the final dawn A colorful world comes to life Outside these prison walls Many voices in the streets Are shouting out my name They all wanna see me hang And die at noon today They want me to confess Before the eyes of God Free myself from Satan's token Send my soul to heaven But I will die with pride Face their torture all day long Letras de cancionesUltimately torn and broken I will burn forever A symphony of footsteps Echoes in my cell A playful show of dancing flames Will free me from this hell The weight of fear and anger Deprives me of my will It's time for me to leave this world My mission's been fulfilled I will always be your friend I will never let you go You will be my little angel You can call me uncle Joe I will never cause you pain Well, maybe just a little Step inside - don't be afraid This old cage is now your cradle I'm a nasty human being Banished from society I'm rejected by the angels Even hell refuses me I am merely a deliever Healthy profit is my goal I scar and mutilate your children For a royal bag of gold For as long as high society Spends this much on luxuries There'll be wolves around Just like me... From Letras Mania