Have you ever heard Of a leprechaun before If not, it might be time for you To learn a little more Above all, I say this They're not just a fairy tale Last night one was in my house He sure as hell was real If you should ever catch one On Saint Patrick's day The merry fellow will submit And give his gold away He'll try to save his skin And to you, so it is told He will give without dispute His precious pot of gold Please leave them alone And let their business be their own They're only part of this world Honour the leprechauns They have done no wrong So pack your stuff and run along Don't make a foll of us all They're only three feet tall Letras de canciones Don't you ever trade with them Because before you know They will surely pull a scam Consider yourself warned They always hold two coins The first will turn to stone The second one will once it's spent Return to them, as known From Letras Mania