Chase Coy

Never Had The Courage
I've diled your number, half a thousand times. Hoping just to hear your voice on the other line. I never had the courage to finally make that call. I've been missing you so much, Have you been missing me at all? I need you here now, more than ever before. Cause if you're not by my side, then tell me what is worth living for? I never had the courage to tell you how I feel. But honestly I've always loved you and I promise I always will. Don't take your time coming home tonight. Cause every second wasted I'm here holding on for life. And with every breath I take I pray you're fine. That I'm the boy you can't get of your mind. I never had the courage to tell you this before, But every day away from you just makes me love you more (Merci à Fallingdown. pour cettes paroles) From Letras Mania