Last Night
Free yaself from all that evil last night something has kept me awake, a thousand faces which all wanna fake me with dem artificial smile and the words demma take, wanna mold me like dem want to and me will dem want break, but me fought back and tried to keep dem back from me side, escaped along the big hall to find a good place to hide, where me got ready fi fight, avoided sounds and bright light so that me could surprise dem fi knock dem down from the side free yaself from all that evil me reached the entrance, some shots in me back, me almost done it, oh what a bad luck, and now me down in the muck, trampled down like a bug, the babylonian feet dem beat me, let my future get black, that`s da theme a that track, now people open your ears, cau` if you listen carefully, you`ll recognize your own fears, let me dry all your tears, soon the cloud dissapears, and than the bad man loose dem power and blurred pictures get clear, yo right here From Letras Mania