Creedence Clearwater Revival

Need Someone To Hold
The sun came up and pushed away the clouds. Stumbled back to my room, really don't know how. I won't wake up 'til this afternoon, Been out walkin' all night again. Stranger here try'n' to have fun. Far from home; it's just begun. CHORUS: Give out the warm, it comes back cold. Oh, God, I need someone to hold. The coffee's cold, it's gonna have to do. My feet are shot, feelin' hungry too. People don't have a thing to say. Feel your dignity slip away. Won't wake up 'til this afternoon. Waste of time 'cause there's nothing new. CHORUS CHORUS A city nice as this one should be kind. It pushed me down, really don't know why. When I wake up this afternoon, Another day to make it through, Letras de cancionesMight get lucky and find a dime, Things don't change, gonna give up tryin'. CHORUS CHORUS Give out the warm, it comes back cold. (REPEAT 5x) From Letras Mania