Woven Hand

White Knuckle Grip
Written down on burning paperSome words just do not rhymeWe're dealing with fire either wayDriving these streets in squandered timeAngel protect the visionPicture show to slow it downI am ill from too much honeyAs the bees they buzz aroundIt might have been a CadillacYeah maybe a LincolnI seen it from the rear viewI just couldn't get a clear viewI got a white knuckle grip on mywhite knuckle grip on mywhite knuckle grip on mySaturday nightI'm gonna dance this town to ruinsStood close hell fire barbed wireCome on boyCome up with somethin'Or go home go home with nothin'Worse for the wearOut here in the frayI'm takin' the heavy wayI'm takin' the heavy wayThe landscape of Saturday nightLetras de cancionesGet a grip and make it tightFather guide me with your eyeIt might have been a CadillacOr maybe a LincolnSeen through the rear viewCould not get a clear viewGot a white knuckle grip on yourSaturday night From Letras Mania