Woven Hand

Whistling Girl
A whistling girlAmong his flock of sheepLay breathing backward rest assuredOf Elijah and gods birdsIt will fall to usIt will fall to usInside the home the folk pine growWhere hearts are fire sparks are thrownIs all that glittersThis terrible weaknessIt falls to usIt falls to usFrom his holy hillBy his perfect willThrough the open eyesSoul tonightHis yolk is easy and his burden lightKiss the sun lest he be angryAnd you perish in the wayThe rivers of the sky are dryA roll up like a scrollLetras de cancionesDown belowWe tend to the forgettingForgetting what we knowThe sun slips from your shoulderAs you enter in the woodWithout thought of thornsWithout thought of thorns From Letras Mania