Woven Hand

The Beautiful Axe
The night holdsHolds a candle to youI see you are a hummingbirdLiving in the shadows of lawCleave her to vivid dreamsPicture before youThe living wordHe did ascend awayTo prepare a placeLet the sound together hold youTo the humble he has given graceFrom the proud he hides his faceFrom the proud he hide his faceJoy has comeIt rises with the sonHe the highest on the horizonJoy has comeIn the mind that I seeBeautiful the axe that flies at meIn the yardMore than fourty birdsFor to write upon my mindWe fall out into the streetAs the last one fliesThe last one in kindOn the morning of this second dayAn old skin vision of my hope and stayA flaw in the man whichever wayThinking of his color From Letras Mania