Woven Hand

Dirty Blue
This fear is only the beginningAll for the loving handYes I smile and I agreeIt is a good night to shiverA good tounge might make it rightAll Ive said above a whisperThere is a sorrow to be desiredTo be sorrows desireWhat they say is trueIt is a dirty blueThis color around youYour curled up warmIn your own little corner of SodomDid you agree to believeThis fall has no bottomThere is a sorrow to be desiredTo be sorrows desireAll we move by the book of numbersIm held together by stringIi hear not the voices of othersThe bells of Leuven ringFear not the faces of brothersLetras de cancionesIve come apart it seemsI see not the faces are coveredIm in your amber ringYour amber ring From Letras Mania