Young Savage
The Jekyll-Hyde of youI can't survive the tide of youThe vicious style of love, the whiningPits and pendulums of lyingI don't see how you survive inHard-line worlds you're advertisingSneaky features, facing, waitingCity sex is so frustratingChorus:Young savageYoung savageShe's like a steel wallSpeaks like a dance hallYoung savageYoung savageAnything goes where no-one knows your nameThe mirror love of vixensGets over the mask of victimsMoney rents you insulationTenderness, asphyxiationSomeone else's flesh to borrowSling it from your bed tomorrow? sorrowLetras de cancionesLook behind the face it's hollow(Chorus)(Chorus)The broken heart of youWho stole, who stole a part of youChanging blossoms into pissAnd taking bites from every kissThe past is dead, tomorrow's too farAll the chemicals that bar usColoured hair, cheap tattoosThat tell you all their points of view(Chorus)Condemned to be a strangerSubway dweller, dead-end dangerPeeking through the dust of friendsWho never gave, they'd only lendEvery sneer is thrown awayWith practised gestures of disdainThe outlaw stance is so pedanticHate the world, it's so romantic(Chorus) From Letras Mania