2nd Childhood
[Nas] Yeah, hahaha "Cause when I flow the for the street.." - ".. who else could it be" "Nas.." [Nas] Yo Explode, my thoughts were drunken from quarts of beers Was years back, before Nasir would explore a career in rap As a music dude, I mastered this Rubik's Cube Godzilla, fought Gargantua, eyes glued to the tube Was a, long time ago, John Boy Ice Geronimo po-lice jumpin out Chryslers, easywider paper Pops puffin his sess, punchin his chest like a gorilla Outside was psychoes, killers Saw Divine, Goon and Chungo, Lil' Turkey R.I.P. Tyrone, 'member no cursin front of Ms. Vercey Big Percy, Crazy Paul, the Sledge Sisters My building was 40-16, once in the blue, hallways was clean I knew, all that I'd seen had meant somethin Learned early, to fear none little Nas was huntin Livin carefree laughin, got jokes on the daily Y'all actin like some old folks y'all don't hear me Yo I'm in my second childhood [Chorus: repeat 2X] Letras de canciones"Cause when I flow the for the street.." - ".. who else could it be" "N-A-S" - "Nas.." "Resurrect, through the birth of my seed.." - "Queensbridge" "Make everything right.." - "Get yours, nigga" [Nas] Yo, dude is 31, livin in his moms crib Ex-convict, was paroled there after his long bid Cornrows in his hair, still slingin, got a crew They break his moms furniture, watchin Comicview Got babies by different ladies high smokin L's in the same spot he stood since, eighty-five well When his stash slow, he be crazy Say he by his moms, hit her on her payday Junior high school dropout, teachers never cared They was paid just to show up and leave, no one succeeds So he moves with his peers, different blocks, different years Sittin on, different benches like it's musical chairs All his peoples moved on in life, he's on the corners at night with young dudes it's them he wanna be like It's sad but it's fun to him right? He never grew up 31 and can't give his youth up, he's in his second childhood [Chorus] [Nas] Baby girl she's always talkin name droppin hangin late Drinkin smokin hates her baby daddy, craves shoppin E poppin Ecstasy takin, won't finish her education Best friend she keeps changin, stuck with limitations Lustin men, many hotels, Fendi Chanel With nothin in her bank account frontin she do well Her kid suffers he don't get that love he deserve He the Sun, she the Earth, single mom, even worse No job never stay workin, mad purty Shorty they call her the brain surgeon Time flyin she the same person, never matures All her friends married doin well She's in the streets yakkety yakkin like she was 12 Honey is twenty-seven, argues fights Selfish in her own right for life, guess she's in her second childhood [Chorus] "Who else could it be.." - "N-A-S" - "Nas.." From Letras Mania