Pink Mountaintops

While We Were Dreaming
While you lie on your backAnd move through the scarsSo careful you areTo surrender a thingBut Jesus ain't comin'So don't waste your timeNot yours and not mineYou're only dreamingAnd while you were schemingThe silver the sheetsFar above the leavesI snuck into your sceneDon't lie there, lookingBehind your troubled wallsWicked as they areYou're not deceivingAnd if I could find your heartI would pull it from your chestAnd smash you with my fistTil it was beatingAnd if there's a hole insideLetras de cancionesHeaven in your bedCoz the angel that you kissedJust left you bleedingI know it ain't easyTo keep roundin' onWhen the voices in your skullAre always screamingBroke into your prisonAnd dropped the sleeping guardsPainted flowers on the barsAnd snuck you out the yardParalysed and gleamingWith visions of new statesWe're wrapped in our embraceWhile we were dreaming From Letras Mania