Pinehurst Kids

Johnny Mercer
kicked out the window in my back door to see the snow fall will they let me in when i've been so bad i'll just run away i can't come out and play dont worry, it'll get better soon dad'll come home and kick you to the moon play catch with my head you'll find it in the sink with last nights grub heading down the hole where the alligators live and i'll set out on the street with no shoes upon my feet got my socks and toothbrush and nothin else i'm runnin away did you miss me anyway i'll be back soon Letras de cancioneswhen i'm not as dumb maybe i'll learn to pick the thorns outta my head chew your words twenty times before you speak and listen up before i make you sleep you've got all ya need so don't tell me nothin nothings wrong with you don't run away we're gonna miss you don't run away who'll we have to play with if you run away gonna miss you don't think we'll ever find you hey, is that the kid? we all knew.. johnny mercer johnny mercer where are you now i'm going to the moon will we ever meet again thanks for coming to my playground From Letras Mania