Organ, The

Oh What a Feeling
You let in the ghost of herNow I see it everywhereTake your body backBut oh oh please leave me the fearLoneliness is in the airEven the birds are in pairsI can hear it in their peepingoh what a feelingAnd I get the strangest feelingWhen I float up to the ceilingAll the blubbering and moans comeFrom my body down belowThey'll come in twosFollow when I lean my tombI can hear it in their peepingOh what a feelingThey'll take whatever they wantAnd they'll have whatever they wantAnd they'll take whatever they wantSwing a broom, bat them outAnd they'll have whatever they wantTrash can lids aren't shields enoughAnd they'll come whenever they wantAt quiet times, times for usand they'll come whenever they want From Letras Mania