Once Nothing

The Truth About Me or Someone Like Me
I can't hold the line forever.I don't have the patience anymore.Black turns to grey and all my demons say"She's the salt of my flesh and blood of my bones."Blood of my bones...I'm on my knees again and you've got me right where you want mebut I refuse to beg.You'll never know how close I came.With a mouthful of blood I'll spit out every word I never said.My skin is transparent, my bones are brittle.Your eyes still burn like salt in open wounds,living inside my nightmares begging me not to sleep, not to sleep.Blonde turns to black, black turns to grey.Blonde turns to black, black turns to grey.I closed my eyes and took one last breath.I closed my eyes and said my goodbyes.They made me bleed and tore me apart.They took advantage and broke my heart.Where are the angels?Where are the priests to take the darkness out of me?Where are the angels, where are the angels? From Letras Mania