Get Ready
are you watching this space?i won't leave a trace, but you'll certainly know i've been hereoh, it's all on the cards, i like driving it hard, i'm always in fifth gear, beer?ready for it now now, ready for it now,ready for it now now, hit megot to get it now now, got to get it nowgot to get it now now, tell me i'm wrongcan't sit back and relax, cos i'm not stuck in the tracks, i know i'm going somewherei've been here right from the start, i like to play a big part so sit your ass right next to me, herenothing, is free in this life, is free in this life, i'll pay my due due dues.hey (i'm worried 'bout your attitude)are you ready? (a sinking feeling tells me that you're untrue)tell me are you ready? (and i'm worried 'bout my dirty mind)i'm ready for you (do you think that i'm through?) From Letras Mania